Best Blogging Tools 2019 Free For WordPress Beginner Blogger

Best Blogging Tools 2019 available on the internet can help the bloggers to get the mega result. You update your blog post
daily that’s awesome. Keep it up and one day you will get it to reward. Your own blog and the content you personally create is more important to get people to click, share and comment. So creating amazing content without best blogging tools is not possible.

If you are searching best blogging tools for content writing, SEO and marketing then you are in a good place. Here I am sharing some favorite blogging tools for the beginners. Blogging is one of the best ways to grow your business. The great blogging tools that help the process easier for webmasters who want to implement blogging into a content marketing strategy.

best blogging tools 2019 for WordPress websites and blogs

Blogging is not only to hit publish button. You should be able to attract your audience and keep then live on your blog. If you are worried about your blog readers. A complete best blogging tools list is published here. You should use it to pull in your target audience. If you are new in blogging How to Start a Blog Easy Steps Guide

The good news is that once you successfully integrate the right tools into your blogging system. You could get
the best results. Without using these best blogging tools, you will be wasting time and struggle.

Best Blogging Tools 2019 for WordPress Blogger

The Blogger’s Tool List:

Blogging tools are necessary these days to work faster and get more readers. We are listing some best blogging tools, that are familiar with and use. Most of the links are our affiliate links, which we earn bit commission if you buy some tools.

1- Content writing idea Tools:

BuzzSumo: The ability to quickly identify what is working well for engaging content.
Quora: It is a question and answers platform, where you will get unlimited ideas for your blog content.
Blog topic generator: I will give you blog post ideas.
Google Trends: it will show you top search stories on google for any keyword of your choice.

2- Blog post tool:

EMV tool: Check the emotional marketing value of a post title. It will be performing better result on social media channel.
Headline Analyzer: it will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social media.
Tweak Biz title generator: It will show you great title ideas for article and blog posts.
Potent C idea generator: Create your own fantastic content idea or a title generator.
UpWorthy title generator: It randomly creates a viral topic.

3- Proof-reading tool:

Grammarly: Freewriting app to make their effective post article.
Hemingway App: Free tools to improve your writing bold and clear.

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4- Stock images for blogs:

Flickr Advanced search: You can use it to find images with a creative commons license.
Google image search: Comprehensive image search on the internet. Allow users to search the web for image content.
Pixabay: The best source for free images and videos for commercial use.

5- Blog Reading And Content Discovery Tool:

Feedly: It compiles news feeds from a variety of blogs for the user to customize and share with others.
Pocket: A web service for managing a reading list of an article from the internet.

6- Image/ Video Recording/ Editing Tools:

Camtasia: For creating video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast.
Snag it: A screenshot program that captures video display and audio output. it is highly recommended for bloggers.
Image Optim: A image compressing tool without losing quality. Remove bloated metadata and load faster.
TubeBuddy: It is used to manage and grow their channel content and boost subscribers

7- Keyword Research Tools:

Google Keyword Planner: Free and easy to use for keyword research.
SEMRUSH: A keyword tool to easily find out competitors keyword.
LongTailPro: SEO keyword tool that can help you to determined long tail keywords.

8- SEO Tools:

Google Webmaster Tool: It is a web service by Google for webmasters to allow indexing status and optimize visibility of websites.
Bing Webmaster Tool: It is a service of bing search engine which allows webmasters to add their site to the index crawler.
Integrity: It is used to check your blog broken internal and external links.
ScreamingFrog: It is a small SEO program which crawls websites links, images, CSS, the script from an SEO perspective.
KWfinder: A keyword research and analysis tool that is used to find out hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.

9- Content Marketing Tools:

Sumo: A way to turn your website viewer into E-commerce customer.
BuzzStream: It is a paid tool for bloggers and marketers to promote their products, services, and content.

10- Blog Promotion Tools:

Flipboard: It is a news and social network company offering your own magazines and culture articles from your own blog.
MakeWebvideo: It is offering whiteboard style video for commercial video ad or personal blog videos.
What’s new: It shows blogs update status to the visitors the last visit. Great idea for returning visitors.
Wisestamp: It is a professional email signature to grow your business. Great idea to show your latest post in every email.

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