Add Site to Google Search Engine Free

Add Site to Google Search Engine Free

How to submit site to Google Search Engine or get your content on Google Search Results.

Add Site to Google Search Engine Free or Verify Your Site Ownership

What is Google Search Console?

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service of Google witch provide help to site owners about monitor and maintain their websites in Google Search Console results.

How to Submit Site to Google

You can verify google webmaster tools wordpress based site in just little 10 steps. Follow me

  • First thing we needed is Google E-Mail address. If you have Sign in to Gmail or not Create your Google Account
  • Open your site and copy its name. For example
  • In web Browser type Google Webmaster Tools and press Enter. And select Google Search Console.
  • Click on ADD A PROPERTY button appearing on uper right side of the browser. Past site name here and press continue button.

add property to google webmaster tools

  • Now the next step is Verify your ownership of site. You can verify site in different way. The simple way you can used is Alternate Methods. In this option you should chose HTML tag verification method (Add a meta tag to your site’s home page.)

html alternate site verification methods

  • Click on the redio button. A meta tag will be show, Copy it
  • Go to site Dashboard, in the Appearance tab and chose Editor.wordpress themes editor
  • Find (theme header), it will be in right side of browser.
  • Past the meta tag in head. It means it should be in <head> meta tag </head> section. Note not delete any thing in head section header.php file just press enter and past the meta tag.webmaster tools verify site
  • Go to Google Search Console and click on VERIFY to verify ownership of site.
  • A successful message will be shown in green color it indicate the google site verification process is completed.

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