Automatically Add Media Title in wordPress Format Media Titles Plugin

Welcome to and Thank for you visiting our web page. Today we will show you How to Automatically Add Media Title in WordPress. Also adding proper title in text and media is important for user experience and SEO benefits. To do this stay with us.

  • First of all we install a plugin Format Media Titles.
  • To do this click on Plugins and click on Add New button. In Search Area button type its name and press enter.
  • Now click on Install Now button to install it. And at lost click on Activate Plugin button to activate it.

  • Go to settings and click on Format Media Titles button to configure the plugin.
  • Remove Characters field show you add or removed these symbols from title of the post ( – _ . ~ + )
  • Capitalization Method field show you lower or upper case of the title.
  • Options field show you title should be alternative text (all test field as well), caption field, description field.
  • So just make should your image file name is set correctly and all the information is correctly for your site.
  • Save Changes button to save new settings.

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