Google XML Sitemap Plugin Setting How to Install And Configure in WordPress

Google XML Sitemap Plugin SettingGoogle XML Sitemap Plugin Setting, Install And Configure Google XML Sitemap Plugin in WordPress, Google XML Sitemap Plugin generate xml sitemap which will help Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Alexa) to index your website. When you install and configure Google XML Sitemaps Plugin, the crawlers see the complete structure of your blogs post and retrieve all information in better way. With out XML sitemap blog can not index properly. How to Add a Site to Google Webmaster Tools

Google XML Sitemap Plugin Setting How to Install And Configure in WordPress

  • Go to the wordPress dashboard chose Plugins then click Add new. In Search Plugins box type Google XML Sitemaps. Click on Install Now to install it. Then click on Activate Plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps Setting Guide

  • Now go to Settings and click on XML-Sitemap.
  • In Post Priority setting select (Do not use automatic priority calculation) All posts will have the same priority which is defined in “Priorities”

Create your Google Sitemap Online with Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

  • Sitemap Content: In this option you should select only those items which would you want to include in sitemap. Its means you should Include homepage, posts, categories, static pages.
  • Change frequencies: In this setting you should changed Homepage (Daily), Posts (Always).

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

  • Priorities: In this setting (Posts If auto calculation is disabled = 2.0), (Minimum post priority (Even if auto calculation is enabled = 3.0).

XML Sitemap? How to Create a Sitemap

  • Click on Update Options to save the Google XML Sitemap Settings. For more Build and submit a sitemap – the Google Help Center.

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