Google XML Sitemaps For WordPress Blog How To Create Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap WordPress plugin is the most important for your blog indexing to search engine like GOOGLE, BING and YAHOO. Most of sites showing in the search results are used the site map plugins, For that the most popular plugin is Google XML Sitemaps and the other is Yoast SEO. Today these plugin are used by the site owners in their sites for building or creating a sitemaps. For more latest post updates visit

XML Sitemaps help to search engines bots to read your site pages more efficiently. That way they crawl and index your site.

Today i will show you easy method about how to crawling and indexing your blog with Google XML Sitemaps Word
Press plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps — WordPress Plugins

Google XML Sitemaps For WordPress Site

You can not fast indexing your blog with out submit your blog to search engines. So it is important for you to submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools and Yandex Webmaster Tools.

Now the big question is that how to create a sitemap for your WordPress blog. Its very simple. There are many plugins to create blog sitemap. I already mention you 2 plugins for that purpose.

1- Google XML Sitemaps

2- Yoast SEO Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps Better WordPress Google XML SitemapsAlso Read: Contact Form Plugin for WordPress Web Site

Installing, Building And Submitting A Google XML Sitemap Easy And Complete Method

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin create a dynamic sitemap which is compatible for Google, Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools.

Installing Sitemaps plugin and submitting your blog to search engines. When you published a new post the sitemap auto update. And your site pages or posts are showing in the search results.

1- Click on plugins option and select Add New button. In the search plugin area type Google XML Sitemaps and press enter. or download XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin.

2- Click on install button and activate it.

3- Go to settings and click on XML-Sitemap.

4- In the basic option unchecked (Include sitemap in HTML format). If you not want sitemap in html format.

Google XML Sitemaps - Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

5- In the Post Priority option select (
All posts will have the same priority which is defined in “Priorities”)

Google XML Sitemaps — Build and submit a sitemap

6- In the Sitemap Content option only unchecked one option (Include static pages). If your site have not a static home page.

Google XML Sitemaps Learn about sitemaps - Search Console

7- Do not change anything in Excluded items option. Remain it as it is. You do not have need to exclude categories or posts.

Google XML Sitemaps How to Create WordPress Sitemap using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

8- In the Change frequencies option changed all these items.

  • Homepage: Daily
  • Posts: Always
  • Static pages: Weekly
  • Categories: Always
  • The current archive of this month (Should be the same like your homepage): Daily
  • Older archives (Changes only if you edit an old post): Yearly
  • Tag pages: Always
  • Author pages: Always

Google XML Sitemaps — WordPress Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

9- In the Priorities option also select these items.

  • Homepage: 0.5
  • Posts (If auto calculation is disabled): 0.5
  • Minimum post priority (Even if auto calculation is enabled): 0.2
  • Static pages: 0.6
  • Categories: 0.6
  • Archives: 0.3
  • Tag pages: 0.6
  • Author pages: 0.3

Google XML Sitemaps Installing and configuring the Google XML Sitemaps plugin

10- At last click on update option to save all changing.

Google XML Sitemaps How to Generate XML Sitemaps in WordPress using Google XML SiteMaps

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