Improve WordPress Comments System 16 Best Plugins

Welcome to and Thanks for visiting our web page. Today I am going to tell you about WordPress 16 best Plugins that can be improve comment ability. If you bolt online community that having a great communicating system is sure to success your business. Here is some example of best plugins to improve WordPress comments system in blog posts.

1- De: Comments WordPress Plugin:

Which is all in one plugin and it are enlarged user comments to improve dembo comments, share individual comments, Here is login in existing social accounts, that’s Images, Twits and many more.

2- Yoast Comments Hacks WordPress Plugin:

It is help to improve comments easier. Here are you to E-mail comments from WordPress. You can also redirect the first time a comments to sometime a thankful page.

3- Basic Comment Quicktags WordPress Plugin:

In this adds quicktags buttons is WordPress comments forms to all users to quickly to ads links with text bold.

4- Subscribe To Comments Reloaded WordPress Plugin:

This last comment to E-mail a new comment on the article.

5- Simple Comment Editing WordPress Plugin:

Simple Comment Editing gives anonymous users the ability to edit and/or delete their comments for a period of time.

6- No Page Comment WordPress Plugin:

This plugin allow admin to control the default comment and trackback settings on new posts, pages and custom post types.

7- OEmbed in Comments WordPress Plugin:

Today it is not used in WordPress blogs. WordPress supports oEmbed, but only in post content. This adds oEmbed support to comments.

8- Moderator Role WordPress Plugin:

Add a real Comments Moderator Role to your powerful WordPress Blog.

9- Tako Movable Comments WordPress Plugin:

Move WordPress comments easily with Tako Movable Comments.

10- Comments Since Last Visit WordPress Plugin:

Comment since Last Visit is a simple WordPress plugin that highlights new comments made on posts since a person’s last visit.

11- Featured Comments WordPress Plugin:

It allow to admin to add featured or buried css class to selected comments. Handy to highlight comments that add value to your post.

12- Comments Approved WordPress Plugin:

Notify a user when their comment is approved.

13- DX Unanswer Comments WordPress Plugin:

Filter your admin comments that have not received a reply by internal user yet.

14- WordPress Comments Field Plugin:

This plugin allow admin to add custom fields in comment area. These fields are saved as comment meta and is displayed under comment text.

15- Send Email Only on Reply to My Comment WordPress Plugin:

Users can choose to Receive Comment Reply Notification Only or Receive Notification For All New Comments or Not Receive Any Notifications.

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