Webmaster Tools Submit URL Google Search Console

Webmaster Tools Submit URL Google is the more important thing when any site admin create his blog. Without submit blog URL the site can not show in search engine results. And its common issue how to submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools.

Webmaster Tools Submit URL To Google Search Console

The beginners think they will pay to search engine for listing their site in search results its not true. It is easy you can show your blog in search engines for free of cost. The man thing for this is you can only made your blog readable for search engines to find the blog. I already write a post how to create Google XML Sitemap for your blog for fast indexing web pages in search results.

Here we discuss some issues which you missed. I try my best to write this post for beginners that they have not knowledge about search engine optimization using “Google Webmaster Tools

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is complete index file which contain hole blog URL. Its helpful for Crawlers to find all URLs for blog. Different things bots follow, for example sitemap size and number of URLs. Search Engine follow sitemap to crawl and index blog posts. You can also read: Contact Form 7 Plugin Setting in WordPress Blog

You can find more details about Site map on Wikipedia web page.

Today it is easy to submit URLs into search engines like Google Webmaster Tools Submit URL. A free WordPress plugin

Google XML Sitemaps Generator is used for that purpose. You only install it and submit to search engines. When you update new post. The post automatically add in sitemap files. You need not to manually add it into sitemap.

Always put sitemap link into footer of your blog because the crawler easily to find it here.

If you do not want to know detail about sitemap then read here.

How to Add Property and generate sitemap in WordPress Using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

There are many online tools are use to generate sitemap which is xml-sitemaps generator which is helpful for making a sitemap files of blog.

Assuming that you have already installed Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin. So login to google webmaster tools dashboard here. in the right hand site click on ADD A PROPERTY button to add your site. You are reading how to submit your blog sitemap to Google Search Console.

Webmaster Tools Submit URL Google Search Console

It will show a dialog box, put your site name here and click add button to continue.

Webmaster Tools Submit URL Submit Site to Search Engines for FREE

It will say verify your site property. There are 2 methods to verify property. So click on alternative method button and select HTML Tag. Copy the code and past it into Theme Header.

Webmaster Tools Submit URL How to Manually Submit Your Site to the Search Engines

Webmaster Tools Submit URL Free Website Search Engine Submission

For that goto your site admin panel. Select Appearance and click on Editor button. on the right hand side you can see the different templates of your site. click on Theme Header (header.php). Past the code above line </head> and click on Update File button to save the changes.

Webmaster Tools Submit URL How do I get my website on Google search?

Now the next step is adding sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools in the left hand side click on Crawl and select Sitemaps. Top of the right hand side click on Add/Test Sitemap button. Now type sitemap.xml and click on submit button.

Webmaster Tools Submit URL Best Free Search Engine Submission

Now its get some days to index and your blog will appear in search results soon.

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