WhatsApp Share Button Plugin in WordPress How to Configure

Welcome to WPLearners.com In this video we look at How to add whatsapp share button in WordPress blog. It is very simple to do this. Let’s try it. First of all we add a plugin which is Whatsapp Share Button.

WhatsApp Share Button Plugin in WordPress How to Configure

  • Just click on Plugins and select Add New.

  • In Search Plugins Area type Whatsapp Share Button and press enter. Now click on Install Now Button.

  • When it can be installed. Some setting can be configured for best uses.
  • Now go to Settings and click on WhatsApp Share Button menu. Its settings will be appear.
  • Default setting is best for WPLearners. If would you like more settings then follow us.
  • If would you like share button can be shown on Pages and Home Page then check these boxes.
  • The last check box show UTM Setting. Sometimes would you like tracking with Google Analytic.
  • At the end click on Saving Changes button.

Using the Shortcode 

The settings above are for automatic insertion of the WhatsApp Share Button.

You can insert the button manually in any page or post or template by simply using the shortcode[whatsapp]. To enter the shortcode directly into templates using PHP, enter echo do_shortcode(‘[whatsapp]’);

You can also use the options below to override the the settings above.

url – leave blank for current URL

title – leave blank to display current title

Here’s an example of using the shortcode:
[whatsapp url=”http://peadig.com/wordpress-plugins/whatsapp-share-button/” title=”Check this out!”]

You can also insert the shortcode directly into your theme with PHP:
<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[whatsapp]’); ?>

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