16 Best WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Stores in 2023

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce plugins to build an eCommerce store?

Then you are in the right place. Here, you will find the top plugins to add the necessary features to your WooCommerce store. This listicle post includes free and premium versions of WooCommerce plugins that help to boost sales and grow your online business. 

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Best WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Store

There are unlimited WordPress plugins available to build a WooCommerce store. Here, you will discover the highly preferred plugins by lots of store owners to build an online store. 

1. ProductX – The #1 WooCommerce Blocks Plugin

ProductX - The #1 WooCommerce Blocks Plugin

ProductX is a feature-rich WooCommerce plugin that provides an all-in-one solution for your WooCommerce store. It’s packed with features that allow you to create a unique and beautiful WooCommerce store with product grids, product lists, product sliders, category lists, and more.

ProductX comes with a variety of features, including the WooCommerce Builder, starter packs and pre-designed blocks, an advanced query builder for product sorting, an AJAX-powered product filter, pagination options, variation swatches, wishlist, comparison, call for price, pre-order and backorder, Quickview, partial payment, image flipper, saved templates, and stock progress bar.

Key Features

  • Powerful WooCommerce builder with a user-friendly interface to create amazing store pages.
  • Offers a variety of starter packs and pre-made block designs.
  • Query builder streamlines product management by efficiently sorting and displaying your products.
  • It has several useful addons that can improve WooCommerce store functionality and user experience.
  • Extensive customization options to personalize your store.


The plugin has a free version, and the Pro can be purchased for either $49 per year (Single domain) or $549 for a lifetime subscription (Unlimited domain).

2. WholesaleX – All in One Wholesale Solution for WooCommerce

WholesaleX - All in One Wholesale Solution for WooCommerce

WholesaleX is one of the easiest WooCommerce plugins that provides an all-in-one solution and simplifies creating and managing wholesale stores.

WholesaleX allows businesses to set wholesale prices for simple and variable products, create user roles with varying prices and discounts, and customize payment and shipping methods for each. The plugin also includes dynamic rules for configuring variable discounts. The premium version offers even more functionality, including tiered pricing, a wholesale order form, private store mode, and more. Overall, WholesaleX is a reliable and feature-rich plugin that simplifies managing wholesale stores.

Key Features

  • Dynamic rules system to set customized pricing rules (Wholesale discounts)
  • Easy user role creation with variable conditions
  • Personalized registration and login forms
  • Bulk Order feature with purchase list saving and downloading option
  • Conversation feature that allows easy communication with the store admin
  • Request a Quote for better price negotiation
  • Private Store option to hide store products from guest users
  • WholesaleX Wallet for in-store payment


The plugin has a free version, and the Pro can be purchased for either $149 per year or $449 for a lifetime subscription.

3. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce 

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is a great plugin to generate advanced coupons like BOGO, auto-apply coupons, giveaway offers, cart abandoned coupons, sign-up coupons, store credit, and more. 

This plugin creates various conditional-based discounts for customers. The plugin also offers import coupons, categorize coupons, time-limit coupons, and more. It improves sales of your online store. 

Key Features

  • Create duplicates coupons 
  • Place coupons anywhere on your site using coupon shortcodes
  • Display available coupons on the cart page, checkout page, and account page 
  • Generate coupon URLs to promote your discount offers 


The premium plugin price starts from $69/year. 

4. Divi WooCommerce Extended

Divi WooCommerce Extended

Divi WooCommerce Extended is a multipurpose solution for your WooCommerce store. It provides 8 useful features that can improve the custom experience of your store and take it to the next level. From displaying products on the shop page to checkout management, it caters to the multiple needs of a WooCommerce store. You can create wishlists, manage tabs, deploy Ajax search, and many other things with this WooCommerce plugin.

Key Features

  • Wishlist Manager to create wishlists and save your favorite items.
  • Mini Cart to stay updated with the active cart status.
  • Products module with a masonry layout to display products
  • Showcase products in a dynamic carousel with sliding effects.
  • Ajax search to find products on your WooCommerce store.
  • Pre-built cart and checkout layouts.
  • Tab Manager to add and modify product tabs on product pages.
  • Checkout manager to add, remove, modify, and reorder the

5. Optinmonster 


Optinmonster is the top and most well-known lead generation software that helps you to grow your email list, website conversion, and reduced cart abandonment. Using the advanced behavior tracking system, you can monitor your audience and prepare a campaign efficiently. 

You can view the quick stats and track campaign data from the dashboard. The plugin also helps you create enticing pop-ups like gamified spin-a-wheel, hello bar, and other interactive popups easily. 

Key Features

  • Create captivating exit intend popups 
  • 100+ pre-designed templates are available 
  • Target audience based on geolocation 
  • Build sidebar widgets for any posts or pages


The premium plugin price starts from $16/month. 



AIOSEO is the best SEO and marketing plugin for the WooCommerce store. This plugin helps in identifying new SEO growth opportunities for your WordPress website. It’s an easy-to-use plugin. 

The plugin offers several features like XML sitemaps, SEO meta titles, SEO meta descriptions, social media integrations, schema markup, connecting Google search console/webmaster tools, and more. 

Key Features

  • Enable/disable adding breadcrumbs to schema markup automatically
  • Advanced link assistant is available to improve the internal linking structure 
  • Set up proper 301 redirects with the help of the redirection manager 
  • Perform mobile optimization using the Google AMP SEO 


The premium plugin price starts from $124/year. 

7. WebToffee’s Request a Quote for WooCommerce 

WebToffee's Request a Quote for WooCommerce

WooCommerce requests a quote plugin that will let you create custom quotations for your customers. It is an automated process that triggers the quote when the user adds the product to the cart or asks for a quotation using the “request a quote” button.  

It will send out auto-update quote emails to respective users. Customers can accept or decline the billing. The plugin offers a request quote page, custom request a quote button, enable ReCaptcha, hide prices & Add to cart button, quote dashboard for admin, and more. 

A time-limit quotation can be built for days, weeks, or months. It helps in expanding the store conversion rate. 

Key Feature

  • Get a built-in quote page for the online store
  • Customers can request a quote for bulk products
  • Activate automated email quote notifications for both admin and buyers. 
  • You can enable the “Ask for quote” button on the cart page.   


The premium plugin price starts from $69/year.  

8. Hubspot 


Hubspot is the best customer relationship management tool for the WooCommerce store. This plugin helps you to streamline the approaching process and increase the profitability of your online store. 

This plugin allows you to manage customer contact and engage visitors with live chat or chatbot. It also helps you to track leads and gather a complete customer database. That makes you understand where your actual customer is present in the buying process. 

Key Features

  • Build custom forms as the store requires 
  • Generate an automated email campaign 
  • In-depth analytics dashboard to analyze business growth 
  • Notify the sales team when prospects open an email or visit your website


The premium plugin price starts from $890/month.

9. WPForms


WPForms is a powerful drag-and-drop form builder to create an instant form for your WooCommerce store. The plugin lets you create contact forms, feedback forms, payment forms, subscription forms, and more. 

This plugin creates mobile responsive contact forms that look great on any device. This plugin also helps you to offer surveys and polls in your WooCommerce store. 

Key Features

  • Create SEO-friendly contact forms 
  • Multiple pre-built form templates are available 
  • Build a custom contact form in a minute 
  • Compatible with popular page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, and more


The premium plugin price starts from $99/year.

10. PushEngage 


PushEngage allows you to generate the best web push notification for your website visitors. This plugin provides consistent notification that turns your visitors into loyal customers. 

This plugin provides a user-friendly dashboard that helps to create opt-ins, build marketing campaigns, increase the subscriber base, track revenue, and more. The plugin lets you create enticing pop-ups that suit any device like mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop. 

Key Features

  • Schedule and send automated push notifications with a single click
  • Create a custom drip campaign to improve repeat traffic, sales, and more
  • Retarget push notifications for an audience based on behavior, engagement, and interest
  • Send broadcast push notifications to selective audiences 


The premium plugin price starts from $19/month. 

11. Tidio


Tidio is the best plugin to offer world-class live chat customer support in your WooCommerce store. In a single panel, you can manage multiple channels like chatbots, Messenger, Instagram, email, and more. 

You can customize the live chat widget that fits your website layout. The plugin lets you create a chatbot from scratch using a visual drag-and-drop builder. It’s an automated conversation process that provides 24/7 customer support. 

Key Features

  • Stay connected with your visitor with free IOS and Android apps 
  • Chatbot editor to turn live chat widget into smart pop-ups
  • Natural Language Processing Technology to identify commonly used words 
  • Live typing preview is available 


The premium plugin price starts from $20/month.

12. WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML

WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML

WooCommerce’s multilingual plugin is an amazing tool to begin selling your product/services internationally. You can set up multiple currencies or translations in your online store to reach customers globally.

This plugin lets you translate all sorts of products like simple, variable, grouped, or more. You can also translate reviews, categories, or attributes of those products. It also lets you keep the same languages throughout the entire checkout process. 

Key Features

  • Add multiple currencies based on customer location
  • Enable manual or automatic exchange rate
  • Send emails to clients or customers with respective languages
  • Allow customers to use different payment methods for each currency


The premium plugin of WPML starts from $39/year. 

13. Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Subscriptions for WooCommerce

All online store owners are looking for a way to retain their customers. Implementing a WooCommerce subscription plan in your store encourages customers to make recurring purchases. This will increase your revenue and widen the number of shoppers. 

You can offer subscriptions via simple, variable, recurring discounts, and more. This WooCommerce subscription plugin allows you to set a free trial for a certain period of days/week/month. 

The Subscription for WooCommerce plugin comes with the auto-sync subscription option for auto-renewal. It will make the customers get deducted automatically from their payment account on chosen period.

Key Features

  • A separate management dashboard is available to handle all entries 
  • Create coupons for customers that apply to every subscription
  • Notify the auto-update status like canceled, completed, expired, and reminder via email
  • You can set the sign-up fee for customers to be paid after completing the trial period


The premium plugin price starts from $89/year. 

14. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is the finest affiliate management plugin to run in your WooCommerce store. This plugin lets you create the most suitable affiliate program that can encourage anyone to promote your products. It helps in boosting traffic and revenue in your online store. 

This plugin allows you to generate unique links on each signup and earn a commission via selling products or services using those links. It also gives you complete control over tracking the link clicks, each sale, and payments. 

Key Features

  • Create a custom affiliate dashboard using shortcodes 
  • Allow affiliate links to share on social media 
  • Enable mandatory terms and conditions 
  • Exclude discounts and taxes from commissions 


The premium plugin price starts from $179.99/year. 

15. WordPress Backup and Migration

WordPress Backup and Migration

If you are looking for a way to migrate your existing website to a new website between any hosting or domain effortlessly, then the WordPress Backup and Migration plugin is the right tool for you. 

This plugin allows you to back up the WordPress database and save selective WordPress files. The WordPress migration plugin helps you to export files to different server locations such as local, FTP/SFTP, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.    

Key Features

  • Backup and restore data with a single click 
  • Supports all kinds of hosting and Operating system
  • Schedule your backups to process automatically 
  • Determine the data size to transfer files with ease 


The premium plugin price starts from $49/year. 

16. Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce

Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce

Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce is an excellent checkout manager that lets you add custom fields to your checkout page. This plugin allows you to edit the default checkout fields in WooCommerce to gather the required information from customers. 

The plugin allows you to edit, hide, rearrange the checkout field, validate the checkout field, and much more. You can add new custom fields in multiple sections like shipping, billing, or additional. 

Key Features

  • Enable or disable the custom checkout field
  • Add custom CSS to style the checkout form 
  • Prevent overriding address field’s property 
  • Compatible with WPML, Local Translate, or more  


The premium plugin price starts from $49/year. 

17. Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce

Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce

Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce is a great plugin (PPOM) to create additional custom fields or addons for a specific product page. This plugin helps store owner to offer further options for customers to choose 

You can add different options like colors, sizes, buttons, or more using the drag-and-drop option. You can set the minimum and maximum input length for text and numbers. 

Key Features

  • Price can be added with options
  • Create a custom error message for required fields 
  • Manage field layout using simple grid options
  • Apply PPOM for all categories at once  


The premium plugin price starts from $99/year. 


We hope this article helps you find the right WooCommerce plugin to set up an online store. By choosing the best WooCommerce plugin, you can extend your store functionality which helps in improving customer experiences and sales. The mentioned listicle helps online retailers to build successful online stores and take the business to the next level. 

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