What is WordPress: Things You Should Know!

WordPress is an open-source framework for creating websites. It is a PHP-based content management system (CMS) that uses a MySQL database. It is the most user-friendly and feature-rich platform for creating blogs and websites today.

WordPress is a wonderful platform for creating various websites, from personal blogs to corporate websites. As a content management system (CMS), WordPress is an excellent choice for various websites. In addition, WordPress is a wonderful choice for both big and small websites because of its ease of use and adaptability.

What is WordPress?

B2/cafelog, a little-known blogging tool, was hacked by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg in 2003 and became known as WordPress. Using the original B2 code foundation, Little and Mullenweg set out to build a better blogging platform with more robust features and be more consistently developed over the long term.

WordPress was the end product. WordPress began as a blogging platform, but it has now evolved into a robust content management system (CMS) capable of handling various websites.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org: What’s the Difference?

You should know a few things if you’re just starting with WordPress. To start with, this will need some familiarity with the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

There is a lot to learn about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org if you’re just getting started with the blogging platform.

To establish a blog or website, you can sign up for a WordPress.com account on the hosted version of the platform.

  • Using WordPress, your website’s URL or domain name will automatically contain the term “WordPress,” as blogname.wordpress.com.
  • Google Analytics connection and greater storage space are included with paid upgrades. You can also install your own themes and plugins.
  • Automattic, a firm created by one of the original WordPress inventors, Matt Mullenweg, owns WordPress.com.

You can download the WordPress software from WordPress.org and install it on your web hosting account or your own server.

  • The WordPress software is open-source, meaning downloading and using it is free.
  • You must get a domain name and web hosting from other reliable firms to install WordPress.

Also, we have added a WordPress installation guide on localhost!

What is a WordPress Theme?

You may think of a WordPress theme as a “foundation” for your website’s design. The majority of WordPress themes include the following features:

  • Design (the general appearance, feel, and style) of your website
  • Color Schemes
  • Posting and archiving styles for blogs
  • The design of the pages (or templates)
  • Widget positions
  • and more.

What is WordPress Plugins?

You can add new features, functionality, or integrations to your WordPress website by using plugins.

  • Your WordPress dashboard has a Plugins option, where you can install new plugins.
  • You can locate free plugins in the WordPress.org Plugins directory by using the built-in search tool.
  • Zip files of plugins can be uploaded to your WordPress dashboard using the plugins menu uploader.

Themes and plugins can be confusing for some people who just started using WordPress. But, to help everyone, we have beautifully crafted a guide to install WordPress Themes and Plugins.


Do not confuse WordPress.org self-hosting with WordPress.com hosting. Self-hosted WordPress.org is the platform of choice for most people who wish to create a website. WordPress.org self-hosting allows you greater control over your site and access to all the advantages and privileges of the community.

WordPress is the most popular method of website creation for a reason. It’s easy and anyone can start a WordPress blog with zero experience. Also, WordPress can handle nearly everything, no matter what kind of website you’re aiming to create.

We hope our information helped you understand WordPress. If you still have any queries, don’t forget to comment below!

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