How to Start a Blog with Zero Experience

how to start a blog, I created my first blog in 2014 at that time I have no experience about creating a website. It is very hard to start something with zero level. So I have searched and got information about creating a blog on the internet.

You know millions of blogging sites are making online money. Every businessman wants their business
products on the blog websites. He can’t know how to create a blog. So he gets the services of Freelancer, Fiverr or
Upwork and other blogging platforms that provide these services to create a blog website.

how to start a blog

It is my best to create the most comprehensive guide on how to start a blog without
any technical knowledge. Don’t worry this article guide you how to start a blog website with zero experience. I just show you with easy steps.

How to Start a Blog to Make Online Money

You just follow me and your blog will be up in less than one hour.

Easy steps to start a blog website:

There are 2 most important things to set up a website.

1: Domain (the name of your blog)
2: Web Hosting (this is where your blog data will be live on the internet)

What is the Domain name?

The domain name is your blog name. A domain is the web address or URL of your website which accesses the internet user to find your blog or website.

There are so many domain panels are available in the market. For example Namecheap, GoDaddy
and Domain etc.

For best results, you use some tools for this purpose. I recommend for you
Keyword Finder – Keyword Research

What is Web Hosting:

Web hosting is a service of storing a webpage onto the internet. Anyone can purchase these services
in the word. Web hosting made today a big business. Today a large number of companies providing these
services. The web hosting companies provide special computers called servers for storing the data or files.
When internet user browses your blog or website. All the data can be delivered by this server to the users. All
the web hosting companies required your own domain to host with them.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Services:

We have listed the best web hosting services you can safely use in 2019 and beyond. Here is a top 10 web hosting companies.

When you purchased a domain name and a web hosting. The next step is to install the WordPress.

What is WordPress?

It was first released in 2003 and 30% of the entire websites are created with it. WordPress is a today easiest
and powerful blogging platform in the world. It is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP language. It is very helpful for WordPress beginners.

You can create a beautiful website or blog with it. There is much reason to chose the WordPress for the beginners. For example:

Open Source: anyone can use it is easiest to use.
Customizable: You should change the look of your site any time.
Support: You can get thousands of tutorial about learning the WordPress.
SEO Friendly: It is totally SEO friendly for the search engines.
Your own control: all the data and files are 100% in your own control.

That way, I would recommend WordPress for you. If you are looking a tool that can help you to create a
beautiful blog websites for you.

The next step is How to install WordPress on your website. Keep your reading and best of luck to create your own blog.

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